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Welcome to Wormald Words

I have written, on and off, for years, though never anything this formal. I’ve always viewed my writing as a release. My words, typically, have been deeply personal and were something I never shared, certainly not freely with the world. Over time, I’ve “picked up the pen” without notice and, often, just as quickly, put it down again. Unfinished manuscripts, cliched short stories, and hackneyed rants have found life, traditionally, when I needed them, rarely when they needed me.

A high school English teacher once did her utmost to encourage me to write. I didn’t understand it then but, looking back, I recognize now that she had taken me under her wing and relentlessly pushed me to explore and refine whatever talent I had. She was hard on me and I resented being held to a different standard than the others in my class. When I found the courage to ask her why she chose to lean so hard on me, she pulled me aside and told me simply that I saw “the world differently than others.”

It took me a long time to understand what she meant.

It is my sincere hope that I will, at least initially, update this site three or so times a week. Through this blog, I hope to share with you a glimpse of my world…

The world as I see it.

— JW

Wormald; Me! Please call me Jason

It's ironic, and perhaps somewhat emotionally maladjusted, that someone who decided to include his name within the title of his blog isn't terribly fond of talking about himself.

Let's just say it's what makes me "special."

So, rather than blather on about who I am and what makes me, well, me, I enlisted a few other people to do that.

Thanks for your help everyone.
Your cheques have likely already been lost in the mail.

M.L. (Currently in Witness Protection awaiting relocation to somewhere warm)

Jason plied me with insincere compliments in an attempt to cajole me into writing nice things about him. Since I am shallow, it worked. So here goes:

Melanie Groves (So tired she wrote in tongues)

Jason est né à Toronto en 1974 avant le temps des disques compactes, XBOX, twitter, et Facebook.

Jeune garçon, pauvre Jason était sensible à la lumière, le gazon, l’air frais, et car il ne lui restait pas beaucoup de chose à faire, c’est alors qu’il a découvert sa passion pour le mot écrit. Depuis un très jeune âge Jason écrit de façon régulière. L’aventure a commencé avec un journal caché sous son oreiller, a l’ordinateur plus tard et depuis la naissance de Facebook il pratique son œuvre souvent.

Il est présentement situé à l’est de Toronto avec sa belle famille et son chat.

Trudy, from the Beer Store (May not be Trudy's real name)

Are you going to buy anything?

Michele-Marie "Meesh" Beer (www.meeshbeer.com)

What can I say about Jason and his blog?

Why are you wasting time asking me? You don't know me from a &#$% hole in the wall! Just READ it dammit!

Ok, ok… I'll keep going…

If you're friends with him on Facebook, then you, like myself, likely bust a gut laughing with every side-splitting tale of woe status during the "year of the fence" (to this day I can't see a City of Vaughan sign without chuckling quietly) Now that the fence has been built (and rebuilt? and built again? I lost track… ) we are on a comical journey of parenting, featuring tumultuous toddler "Genghis Owen" (does anyone else hear Mama from "Throw Mama from the Train" screaming "OWEN!" when they read that name? Just me? Bueller? Nevermind).

Anyway, if you don't have time to stalk him on Facebook, er... I mean, if you aren't "friends" with him, then bookmark this blog and prepare to laugh.

Oh, and if you don't like it, don't blame me. WHY THE HELL WERE YOU TAKING ADVICE FROM A TOTAL &#%@ STRANGER IN THE FIRST PLACE? GEESH… *shakes head and walks away*

Andrew Last (Least, but not Last... Inside joke)

Want my advice? Read Jason Wormald. Like onomatopoeia? You got it. Looking for alliteration? Bam. Earth-rocking similes and metaphors? Wormald’s your man. His two cents’ worth is a real discount as he redefines poignancy and humour through his writing. What’s more, his grammar is impeccable and his words are spelled correctly – icing on a well-written cake. So remember, when this Vaughan-based writer posts a new piece, you can be sure you’re in for some thought-provoking entertainment. (Just don’t ask him about his fence.)