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The Fence

Those of you that follow me on Facebook are no doubt keenly aware of my rants about the City of Vaughan's seemingly endless struggle to construct a fence at the side of my house. For anyone reading this series of posts for the first time, it was the absurdity surrounding this single municipal project that allowed me to "find my words," and begin writing again. The reactions to many of these posts are what prompted me to start this blog.


May 28, 2012

After two years, the city has finally started the landscaping along the side of the house. I'm always amazed at the lightning speed at which municipal infrastructure clicks along...

July 10, 2012

I've been working hard to keep the grass healthy and green, despite the heat. The city thought it was so nice they decided to park this on it...

City of Vaughan workers: You guys rock.

July 18, 2012

I have it on good authority — Megan [who, if she's somehow reading this, I fully believe is the ultimate authority on a good number of things] — that employees from the city of Vaughan have returned and are again working on the fence abutting our property.

They have been working on this fence for months.

Yes, it's a fence.
No, it's not a particularly special fence.

There are a half dozen stone pillars that will be positioned along the expanse, but at its core, it's still a fence.

Apparently they took the time to smile and wave at Megan whilst they were taking a break. A pleasant bunch of slackers they is.

Again, they have been working on this fence for months.
Good job, guys.


July 30, 2012

The city has finally installed the metal posts and the stone pillars that will form the basis of the fence along my street. For those that aren't hip to this tale of construction marvel, the City of Vaughan started building a simple fence in late Winter/early Spring... Now, after many months, their Herculean effort is finally showing results.

[Clap Clap Clap]

Of course, they now need to finish off the actual fence-y bits between the posts.

They'll need to hurry as, if the City's tree-planting timeline from last year is any precedent, they'll want to finish the fence and start the landscaping at the hottest point in August to help ensure nothing lives come Fall.

Also, it seems that the hard-working, fence-building dudes so enjoyed parking their back-hoe on my nice, green patch of grass in front of the house that they began using it as a place to store their heavy skids fill with stone (you know, the ones they used to build the pillars over the past several months).

And what have we learned about parking heavy things on the grass for prolonged periods? That's right boys and girls, those heavy, stone-filled skids kill the grass. Now, some people (the great unwashed, no doubt) might have stored this stone on the barren, not-yet-landscaped patches of dirt and weeds along where our theoretical fence will go.

Not these guys. They preferred my grass.

Can you thank our well-paid civic workers?
I knew you could.

Keep making my proud, City of Vaughan.
Keep making me proud.

August 3, 2012

I believe someone from the City of Vaughan has been reading my posts as the leftover stones were moved from my patch of grass and onto the un-landscaped section of land adjoining it (see pic). Clearly, I have touched a nerve with upper echelons of the Vaughan Illuminati as within hours of my last post, shadowy civic workers came expressly to move the skids.

[I told Megan that helicopter was following me; who's paranoid and ridiculous now?!]

Sadly, the damage to my grass has been done. :(